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THCC launches "The Hotels Stock Market" ...

Our Hotels want direct contact ...

In view of requests from THCC member owners (348 for more than 840 EMEA & Others hotels), interested in buying or selling a hotel, our Community of Hotel Owners and Decision-makers decided to launch a direct "Stock Exchange" for purchase and sale of hotels

Indeed, each owner can present are hotel for sale to any other hotelier member directly to other owners / investors this way to avoid expensive intermediaries see for some questionable.

Via its Toolbox, THCC makes available to its hoteliers members the opportunity to present their property, this with all possible confidentiality standards (personalized access code, NDA preliminary automatic ect)

The list of establishments to sell / buy is already long ... and in several areas (CH / F / EMEA / APAC / USA)

No more intermediaries!

No intermediary or agency has access to this list, only visible by our hoteliers on the TOOLBOX THCC

The member can also find people/expert/consultant or companies/brooker able to help him in his sale or acquisition (Experts, Financing, Lawyer), these only partners are selected by our Executive Committee and are held by specific NDA

No commission!

While the various agencies happily punctuate our Sisters and Brothers Hoteliers during a sale / purchase, THCC decided not to take commission, this in the spirit of our community. Only a minimal subscription is proposed to the hoteliers to join us while including services like commercial assistance, operations, financing, legal etc.

Indeed, our Owner Community does not want to go against our spirit and code of ethics: For Hoteliers & By Hoteliers

How to be connected ?

Through a simple list on a secure page of our Toolbox ( / this page includes a description with:

  • Audit of the hotel and its marketing / Management

  • Management Contract Service

  • Outsourcing & Interim Management

  • Staging Hotel before sale

  • ...

And possibly additional elements - after validation of the Owner sellers- as
  • the GOP

  • the names of the owner (s)

  • other financial and managerial elements etc

  • ...

Interested parties can therefore directly contact the Owner sellers via a secure email, naturally the shipment will be validated by our services to do a filtering.

Audit of the institution offered

At each acquisition or sale the hotelier will have the opportunity to be offered a flash audit of the establishment so he can also benefit from various services, & some for free:

  • Audit of the hotel and its Marketing-Sales / Web / Management

  • Management Contract Service

  • Outsourcing & Interim Management

  • Staging Hotel before sale

  • ...

To benefit and learn more:

You just need to be a member of THCC (become a member: click here)

So do not hesitate to ask for your dear Members

Natacha Michel and Mark G. Kling remain at your disposal:

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